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207 Crescendo Drive Morrisville, NC 27560

$1,995 - 4Br/3Ba -  for Sale in Breckenridge, Morrisville
Price $1,995
Bedrooms 4
Baths 2 Full / 1 Half Bath
Square Feet 2,670
Status Active
MLS # 2301816
Property Type Detached

1304 Checkerberry Drive Morrisville, NC 27560

$1,795 - 3Br/3Ba -  for Sale in Church Street Townes, Morrisville
Price $1,795
Bedrooms 3
Baths 2 Full / 1 Half Bath
Square Feet 0
Status Active
MLS # 2309349
Property Type Attached

224 Durants Neck Lane Morrisville, NC 27560

$1,550 - 3Br/3Ba -  for Sale in Everett Crossing, Morrisville
Price $1,550
Bedrooms 3
Baths 2 Full / 1 Half Bath
Square Feet 1,765
Status Active
MLS # 2301570
Property Type Attached

2312 Historic Circle Morrisville, NC 27560

$1,400 - 3Br/3Ba -  for Sale in Kitts Creek, Morrisville
Price $1,400
Bedrooms 3
Baths 2 Full / 1 Half Bath
Square Feet 1,572
Status Active
MLS # 2311415
Property Type Attached

1121 Kudrow Lane Morrisville, NC 27560

$995 - 2Br/1Ba -  for Sale in Prestonwood Country Club, Morrisville
Price $995
Bedrooms 2
Baths 1
Square Feet 908
Status Active
MLS # 2294061
Property Type Condo

People move to Morrisville for many reasons – excellent schools, proximity to Research Triangle Park, and the Raleigh-Durham area to name a few.

People stay in Morrisville because of the superb quality of life we offer.  Businesses are thriving, neighborhoods are safe, and its winters are mild and summers are warm.

Centrally-located between the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains to the west and the legendary Outer Banks and Atlantic Coast to the east, Morrisville enjoys an average year-round temperature of 60 degrees.


morris1Morrisville was named for Jeremiah Morris who donated three acres of land to the North Carolina Railroad in 1852 for a water station, woodshed, and other buildings in support of the railroad. The deed transaction is believed to be on November 30, 1852, which references Crabtree Creek.
Jeremiah Morris established the first post office in March of 1852 and became the first postmaster of Morrisville. Stockholder meetings were held as early as the spring and summer of 1853. These included area landowners Morris, Adolphus Jones, and Giles Allison.
Wake County’s second railroad, the North Carolina Railroad from Goldsboro to Charlotte, was completed in 1856. This railroad fostered several communities (Cary, Morrisville, Garner, and Auburn) along its line. Morrisville is the oldest of these communities, which established a railroad stop in the early 1850s. However, the Town was not chartered until 1875.

In 1859, County justices made Morrisville a polling place.
On April 13, 1865, one of the last battles of the civil war took place in Morrisville.
Morrisville Baptist Church was established in 1866.
George Tonnoffski opened a liquor store and the Page family built the Morrisville Hotel before 1872.
By the early 1870s, the Morrisville area supported at least six general stores, Baptist and Christian churches, hotels, a steam saw mill, a cabinetmaker, a lawyer, and four physicians.
Morrisville’s original charter was ratified on March 3, 1875.
By 1880, the Town’s population was 165.
Samuel Horne opened a knitting-mill in 1910.
The citizens of Morrisville voted to repeal the charter, which was ratified on May 9, 1933.
Morrisville was re-chartered on April 3, 1947.
In 1976, Morrisville purchased the Morrisville Christian Church building to be used as the first Town Hall.
On May 12, 1986 the current Town Seal was adopted.
Morrisville’s population in 1990 was 1,022.
Morrisville’s population in 2012 was 20,591.

Parks and Recreation

Our mission is to enrich the Morrisville community by creating quality recreation experiences, celebrating local culture, and enhancing our natural resources.
morris2Parks and Recreation
Morrisville Aquatic Center

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