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According to its state toast, North Carolina is “where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great.”  As a native of the Old North State in every sense, Cornell Ray is the embodiment of that proclamation.  His work ethic is as strong and deep-rooted as the oaks that grow in his hometown of Raleigh.  That drive propelled him into and through a successful career in the automotive industry that spanned nearly a decade after college before making the transition into real estate.

As a dealership technician, he never shied away from hard work or getting his hands dirty and doing whatever it took to get the job done.  Also during this tenure, he developed the ability to solve problems efficiently with meticulous attention to detail.  His attentive eye is a by-product of his passion for fashion and visual arts.  An enterprising spirit and infectious professionalism are hallmarks of his knack for making a lasting impression and forging meaningful relationships.  With skills as diverse as our breathtaking geography, and a style as distinctive as our college basketball pedigree, Cornell is tailor-made to help you with your real estate needs, whether managing your current home/investment or finding a place to call home in his home state.


Chris and Janice Horner

Our real estate agent recommended Cornell when we were looking for a property management company to work with to assist with our new rental property. As first time landlords, we were new to the whole experience. Cornell has been extremely helpful from the beginning - he helped us secure good tenants and made a seamless transition to the property management team. He is polite, professional and always willing to answer our questions or direct us to someone who can. We would highly recommend Cornell to anyone needing assistance with their rental property needs. -- Chris and Janice Horner

Alycia Reynolds – Raleigh

Cornell was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful in my first time quest to rent out my house. He gave great advice about how to present my house for showings. He stayed in contact, and communicated well so that I could understand the process. When I was nervous about the progress, he reassured me that everything was working out and we would hit our goal. With all of this, he worked hard and found me great tenants within two weeks of contracting with him. Then when his job was done he made the transition to the Block property management team smooth and easy. I would highly recommend Cornell for your real estate needs.

Laura Brown

I was fortunate enough to work with Cornell Ray over the past two weeks regarding a rental property. There were a few snags with verifying previous rental history and he was always incredibly reassuring that things would be fine. He was always professional, in a way that made me feel comfortable working with him almost instantly. He was diligent in working with the landlords to make them feel comfortable about accepting cats and I have no doubt that I would not be moving into my #1 choice without him. Overall, because of Cornell, my experience with Block was fantastic and I'm especially grateful for his hard work and calming words. --Laura Brown

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