Gina Eckert Property Coordinator


Office: 919-459-6337
Fax: 919-459-6301


Gina is a native of Willow Springs and brings with her 17 years of experience in the Multi-family property management. She is characterized as having strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Her diverse skills include new construction ,budgeting, training and tenant relation. She is excited to be a part of the Block Management team.

Gina’s responsibilities
Gina Eckert is your main contact for items of concern involving the property’s Homeowner’s Association. If you have questions regarding the community association or shared recreation facilities for your property, Gina is the best person to call. Along with Christine, Gina also assists with the move-out inspections and arranges any needed maintenance between tenancies as well as the security deposit itemizations.


Jennifer Cowgill – Burke, VA

We were selling our investment property, managed by Block and Associates in Raleigh, NC, and we live in northern Virginia, just outside DC. We had new appliances delivered to our property and I only had an hour notice from the delivery guys. Gina went to the house on a Friday evening and waited for the delivery even though they were running late. She was very friendly and I appreciated her taking time on Friday of all days to open the house for the delivery.

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