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I have a passion for serving others, and I am thankful to have been working as a Broker & Rental Specialist with Block & Associates since 2014.

Prior to Real Estate I worked in the banking and mortgage industry for over 10 years. I work hard to exceed the expectations of my clients, and I understand the importance of accessibility, strong communication, and follow-up which has resulted in very strong relationships with my clients.

I have been blessed to call Raleigh my home since 2006 and love this city and all it has to offer. I am an outdoor enthusiast, avid football fan and animal lover. The Triangle is a wonderful place to invest in Real Estate, and with such a high number of companies and individuals moving to this area the sales & rental markets here are very strong.

I welcome the opportunity to assist you with your real estate needs and look forward to serving you!


Drew Duncan

The associates at Block have been very professional, responsive and easy to work with. Our agent Gwen took the time to explain their process, procedures and fee structure. She was patient and very helpful. We appreciated that she focused on our goals and provided insights we had not considered. I would recommend their services to others who need a professional property management service.
--Drew Duncan

George Drake (2)

Block & Associates has been great so far. Checked them out based on a recommendation from a friend, and we are glad we did. We met with Gwen who explained everything in great detail and answered our questions. Her approach and customer service made the decision to choose Block easy. During the application process, Gwen was always available via phone or text, and called back quickly and provided sound advice during the lease up process. Dinorah (property manager) has been wonderful as well. We are looking forward to working with them. If you want a professional property management firm that is easy to work with, give Block & Associates a call.
-- George Drake

Min Yin

Gwen from Block & Associates is very helpful and very experienced. All my questions (I have a super long list!) got answered super promptly and all right on the points. You can tell she really cares and has your best interests in mind while being very professional at the same time. Looking forward to have Gwen and Block taking care of our property!
--Min Yin

Russell Secter

Gwen was great helping us navigate getting a rental property. She was helpful and patient in educating us about their process, where to find their inventory, and what happens at the site prior to the rental. Thanks for your help Gwen. --Russell

John F Mullis

Good Afternoon Eva,

I just wanted to send a brief email this afternoon to brag about one of your agents, Gwen Murray. As a former licensed NC Real Estate Agent, I understand the challenges that sometimes occur during the process of "Hauling and Hoping" as coined by NC  Real Estate instructor Bill Gallagher would say. I am in the process of beginning a new career journey in Holly Springs NC and from the moment I contacted Gwen, she was very prompt and helpful. I ran across the rental property by accident having just finished a final job interview. I reached out to Gwen and she offered to visit me at the site if I was able to remain in the area. I was in the process of leaving for a quick trip  to Snowshoe West Virginia and it was  late in the afternoon so I could not meet her then. That said, Gwen and I had a great conversation while I was driving and I was able to explain a little more about my current situation. I shared with her that I would keep her posted and would like to visit the rental property upon my return.  Gwen remained in contact via email and text but never to the point of being overbearing.

Upon my return, Gwen came out to meet me in the nasty freezing rain and she  never gave the appearance to quickly rush or want to  leave. She allowed the time needed for me to adequately view the property and answer any questions that I had. In closing, I am sure this will be no surprise to you or your team. Gwen is a Real Estate Professional and your team is lucky to have her.  Gwen has set a high bar that other agents will have a tough time exceeding. Her Professional demeanor shines a bright light on the Block and Associates brand and I am glad that I made that phone call to her.  I hope that you will share my appreciation to her and to those who she works for and represents. Gwen represents what all Real Estate Professionals  should aspire to achieve. Gwen truly deserves a shout out for doing a stellar job in her professional work and as her BIC, I wanted you to be aware.
-- John F. Mullis
Raleigh, NC

Valerie DiMaggio

Gwen Murray is hands down the best Realtor and rental property professional I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with on leasing homes in the Triangle. This highly professional and knowledgeable Realtor represents the best interest of homeowners and tenants alike. She looked out for my best interest in my multiple properties and her follow up and follow through were unrivaled! I dare say I have met none other with such a passionate, dedicated and professional work ethic! Call Gwen for any real estate needs and rest assured she will make sure all of your 🔑real estate expectations and needs are far exceeded! Block & Associates has a gem in Gwen!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 -- V. DiMaggio

T. Hornick

Hello,  I am writing to tell you how easy Gwen made the experience of renting out my house.  I can't even think of a way that it could be improved, which is uncommon. If I had a rental business, I would try hard to steal her away from you. Great job by you to find/retain her. --T. Hornick

Russelle R

This was our second time using Block and Associates in 15 years. They are the go to company to find a quality rental. Our house was clean and well maintained. We had the pleasure of working with Gwen who was fabulous!! I can't say enough about her professionalism and availability to us, the customer. When we needed to rent again while downsizing, Block and Associates is the only way to go!!! Don't look anywhere else! -- Russelle R.

Chauncey and Tyriesa

Gwen was an absolute joy to work with! She made the move for our family from Chicago to North Carolina as smooth as possible! We moved house unseen, only FaceTime, no walkthrough until we arrived, due to the short timing for my husband to start his new job! She made sure everything was in order and handled paperwork properly so that there were no issues in timeframe when arriving to our new home. We arrived seconds before the snow storm hit! Before we arrived Gwen made sure everything was clean and working properly, she made sure to send someone out to make sure the heat was working properly before the storm and even offered to put our family in a hotel if they could not fix the issue. She made us feel like we had nothing to worry about and she would take care of everything....and that she did!!! House was beautiful, cleaned from top to bottom and looked almost brand new! She contacted us to check in on us to make sure we arrived safely and even came to collect mail from our home that was piled up from previous owner and returned it to them. She even came and picked up our check off list so that we wouldn't have to drive the distance to drop it off! She went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable! Whenever we had questions she never left them unanswered and always got back to us right away! She made us feel so welcomed in an unfamiliar place! We are very pleased with our new home and we thank you Gwen so much for everything! -- Chauncey and Tyriesa M

Sam Cullum

Gwen was great to work with! She helped us see the house even though we were far away and walked us through the application and selection process. It was kept simple and I'd use Block and Gwen again in the future.

Jasmine Ward

They are absolutely the best!!! They have amazing customer service and work tirelessly to help you find the best home for you. I couldn't have found the townhouse of my dreams without them. Thank you Block & Associates team!!!! Special thanks to Gwen Murray.

Ramond Coleman

My wife and I recently relocated to the area and needed to find temporary housing that would hold many items from the old house. Gwen Glenn did a great job adjusting to our schedule to view the property they had available. We were able to move into the rental property in a short time-frame with no issues. This company has been great responding to our needs and any additional requests we had.

Alex Knepp

Finding an affordable home in a good location with a fenced yard for our dogs in the western half of Raleigh when you're on a budget is NOT easy. However, Gwen and Jeff with Block & Associates were FANTASTIC! Gwen helped us find a wonderful house, in a great location within budget that was dog friendly and made the entire process extremely easy for us! Gwen was more than willing to be flexible in meeting us to see the house, scotch guard carpets, and listen to make sure all of our concerns were addressed. Jeff was extremely helpful during the process of finding a convenient move-in date and getting all of our paperwork done. Between the two of them the entire process was smooth and easy!! We are now in a wonderful home and will absolutely recommend Block & Associates (specifically Gwen and Jeff) to any friends looking to rent in the area.

Kristin Brown – Seattle, WA

I was relocating cross-country from Washington state to the Raleigh area and while working under a specific deadline, needed to find a rental home basically sight-unseen. Having to do this process remotely has its own set of challenges, one of which I found to be a lack of responsiveness from property owners and other agents. My experience with Gwen was the absolute opposite of this. She was consistently responsive, understanding of my situation, needs and preferences, and worked rapidly to help find me a home. She advised me on areas and served as an accommodating go-between, even though my ultimate rental was not one of her personal listings. I can't tell you what a relief it was to find a great home that is perfect for me and be encouraged and accommodated all throughout a slightly nerve-wracking process of relocating to a brand new area. Thank you, Gwen, for everything!

Richard Theresa – Raleigh, NC

Gwen Glenn was a lifesaver! We had been approved for two rentals prior to finding her, both went to other applicants and we were within a few days of having to vacate our newly sold home. We met Gwen when looking at one of the last 2 rentals on our list. She promised us she would find us something at the time we needed it. Boy, did she come through. We call her our angel because within a day, approvals were gotten and we had a place to move into! In addition, the rental was in the area we had stated would be preferred. You can't go wrong with someone like Gwen Glenn, a real problem solver. Thank you, Gwen.

Felicia Maye

We have been extremely pleased with the services of Gwen Glenn, who is very professional, courteous, informative and prompt in follow-up and returning calls. We cannot say enough good things about her. She has met all our expectations and has obtained our trust. This agency, by far, exceeds other management companies we have dealt with. We highly recommend Block and Associates and look forward to further enhancing our relationship.

Dee L.

I was relocating from NYC to Raleigh and didn't have the time to visit different homes. I was referred to Another Realtor, but she did not service rentals so referred me to Gwen Glenn at Block. Gwen was amazing!! She partnered with Jeff Stoker since he was he listing agent on the rental home! From beginning to end - I had a pleasant experience! Gwen was very responsive, she even went out to the property to take a video for me and answered all my questions! Jeff presented my fiancé and me in the best light to the owners and was very timely, responsive, and quick with the paperwork! We love our new home and had a very pleasant experience with Gwen and Jeff! Thank you both!

Monica Kearney

The services I received from Block & Associates was top of the line. I worked specifically with Gwen and Bill. Both were very professional, caring, and supportive in this transition for me and my family. Gwen could relate to my circumstances and really helped me feel comfortable and supported. They even contacted me on weekends to approve my application and to make sure I didn't have questions about my new home. I felt like I was talking to friends and was always made to feel my happiness and satisfaction was at the top of their list. Questions and emails were answered promptly and professionally. Once we moved into the home and needed to make a call for repairs the agency responded quickly and made sure I was satisfied with the service and outcome of the service call. This group of professionals are a team of people who really care about their tenants. It is not just about an exchange of goods and services but they are an extension of my family. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a home in the Triangle area!

Mike B.

My daughter and I came to Cary and had only five days to familiarize ourselves with the area…I wandered around for three days feeling lost and alone; Block & Associates was near our hotel so I timidly entered their lobby while my daughter waited in the car. I had lived in Michigan all my life…I was stressed out and starting to ask myself just what…I was doing in this foreign land. Then Gwen Glenn walked into the room, she was genuine, honest and professional, I knew my daughter and I were on our way home. We found a place the next day, filled out an application and returned to Michigan. Two days later we got the news from Gwen that…the home had been sold. …Gwen found us our dream home the next day, did a video walk through and then it was ours. One month later our GPS led us to our mystery home in a location that was just a dot on the map to us. We love the home, the area!!!!! Each and every day we discover things we never imagined, greenways, shopping, entertainment and a home that we love. Thank you Gwen for guiding us into our future.

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