Beth Ruedi

Trying to rent out a property remotely is ridiculously difficult; when I needed to leave Raleigh for Washington, D.C., thanks to a great work opportunity in 2011, my house just would not sell. I was distraught–how could I rent it from far away? Fortunately my realtor recommended Block & Associates, the group who was managing the property she was renting. Boy was she right!! For the past four years, things have been so smooth and easy that most of the time, I didn’t remember that I was renting out my townhome. Emily in particular was a joy to work with while trying to find new tenants; Courtney saved my bacon a number of times when I was getting the house ready to go on the market in 2015. I am about to sell the home, but I have recommended Block’s management services to just about everyone who will listen to me. Yes, there are always some bumps no matter *what* company you use, but with Block, there will be a significantly smoother ride!!

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