Bryan Byler

Ms. Nance –

My name is Brian Byler and I have been a tenant for over 6 years now. I know that most of the time you only hear from people when there is an issue or problem but this time is different.

I have had a few (very few) occasions of dealing with Mr. Kemp Hunt. Every time it has been a complete pleasure. He is empathetic, courteous and always handles our issues quickly. I don’t like to be a pest of a tenant so a majority of the time I have an issue I handle it myself or call a contractor to handle it. Over the past 5 years our AC has gone out every summer. I spoke with Mr. Hunt and he called the home warranty company to file the necessary claim. The AC company called me and stated that they would be able to get out to my house the following week. A week without AC wasn’t something that we were looking forward to.

I called Mr. Hunt and he said that wouldn’t be acceptable. He made a few calls, called me back within one hour and had someone at the house that same day. That was a huge help!

I just wanted to drop a line to say what an asset he is to your company.


Brian Byler

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