Derrik D.

I have been in business with Block and Associates for the past 5 years.  Joshua Furr was my Relocation Specialist.  I used their property management services to rent my home and then to eventually sell my home.  Over the 5 years of their managing my property, I lived 4 hours away from Raleigh, NC so finding someone to manage my rental was essential.  The speed of success is probably their number 1 quality.  They had tenants found and moved in very quickly.  We were able to see background checks of the tenants, actually had to turn away the first one (which Josh recommended).  My tenant actually stayed on my property the whole 5 years, we lucked out.  Now this was not a case where you pay the property management fee and walk away.  If you believe that then you need to read what you are paying for again.  Any relocation company works the same way.  Though at times communication between myself and tenant could have been better, the end result was to satisfy the tenant.  Which again they stayed the whole time I needed them to.

By the time I was ready to sell my home.  Josh went out of his way to get my home ready for the market.  At this time I was living 7 hours away from Raleigh.  By doing what he recommended my home was Under Contact in one week and closed about a month after that.

I have read several bad reviews about this company but as an owner using property management, the property is still yours.  I lived far enough away to justify using them because of emergency situations which did happen.  At the end of the day, the home was rented out for 5 years and the property sold within 2 months with above and beyond help from Joshua Furr.


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