George Nunes

The management team at Block & Associates has been managing our property in Cary since we purchased the property back in 2007.  Our experience has been very pleasant with them over the many years that we have used their services….honestly…I can’t remember a single incident where we had a problem.  Some of the highlights follow:

  1. They keep an eye on our property as if they own it.
  2. The quality of tenants that they attract and qualify to rent the house has been great…trouble free…drama free…and no property abuse.
  3. Whenever the Homeowners Association has an issue, they immediately take care of it.
  4. We just had the original tenant move out of the Cary property  (that occupied the property since we bought it new) and the transition to a new tenant went as smooth as we could have expected.

We own properties all over the USA so we have had a lot of experience with different management companies.  One of the most important issues for us is the quality of tenant that our management teams consider good tenants.  Beside the obvious financial concerns regarding poor tenant screening, we feel an obligation to rent to people that will be considered good neighbors by any measure.   I cannot think of another group that would top this management team…indeed, they have surpassed our expectations.

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