Mike B.

My daughter and I came to Cary and had only five days to familiarize ourselves with the area…I wandered around for three days feeling lost and alone; Block & Associates was near our hotel so I timidly entered their lobby while my daughter waited in the car. I had lived in Michigan all my life…I was stressed out and starting to ask myself just what…I was doing in this foreign land. Then Gwen Glenn walked into the room, she was genuine, honest and professional, I knew my daughter and I were on our way home. We found a place the next day, filled out an application and returned to Michigan. Two days later we got the news from Gwen that…the home had been sold. …Gwen found us our dream home the next day, did a video walk through and then it was ours. One month later our GPS led us to our mystery home in a location that was just a dot on the map to us. We love the home, the area!!!!! Each and every day we discover things we never imagined, greenways, shopping, entertainment and a home that we love. Thank you Gwen for guiding us into our future.

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