T. Beeson

Hi Ms. Nance. I am a relatively new tenant in a home represented by Block. I just wanted to take a quick sec to recognize someone in your company for their outstanding service in helping me with my move-in and subsequent issues.

Courtney Potisek turned what started as a rocky start to my move-in into a smooth, expedited experience by lining up subs, communicating with me, and coordinating with the appropriate agents and yourself, I imagine. She did this just from receiving my call into the office. She wasn’t even on my list of contacts. She didn’t pass the buck. Didn’t say it wasn’t her area. And did it all so pleasantly and genuine. I am impressed.

I don’t write these emails very often. In a world of overworked, jaded, or simply entitled employees, she was truly a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the help in getting through an otherwise very stressful situation.

Happy Thanksgiving!
– T. Beeson

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