Realtor Partnerships & Agent Referrals—Helping You Better Serve Your Clients

If you have a seller who is concerned about selling their home right now, a very real option for them is to rent the home. A seller can rent a home for over 2 years and still sell it as a personal residence for tax purposes.

If you are working with an investor, your client needs to find the best possible tenant, who will pay the most rent, and do so in the shortest possible time.

In either case, you should bring in Block & Associates Realty as your rental resource.  Let us come alongside you and serve your client on your behalf.  When we rent their home, we will pay you a referral fee! But more importantly, we will serve your client on your behalf and track you as the source of business. When that landlord is ready to sell or maybe purchase additional property, we will send them right back to you. Guaranteed.  Lastly, if for any reason they won’t list with you, we won’t list them either.  We do not compete with our Realtor Partners!

We want to be on your customer service team in the same way that you have a preferred handyman or a preferred repair vendor.  Get in contact with us and let us explain how we work to help you be much more efficient with your time while still protecting your client relationships.

For more information about our agent referrals, contact us today by calling 919-459-6300 or by contacting us online.

Guaranteed Customer Protection

Guaranteed Customer Protection

We all know that tenants can turn into buyers, and landlords often turn into sellers. You need to know that Block & Associates Realty promises, commits, and guarantees that if you send us a landlord listing or show a Block & Associates Realty listing resulting in an approved rental application, we will then serve that client or customer on your behalf and do everything we can to nurture and protect your relationship with them.

When we take on a client or customer on your behalf, we record you in our system as the source of business. We will ensure that they are well served, and we pay you a referral fee. We keep track of the fact that the business came from you so that when the client is ready to sell or the customer is ready to buy, we send them back to you for help as their listing agent or buyer’s agent. We will not solicit your clients or customers.

Our Services Include:

· Full property management service

· Leasing assistance for property owners

· Rental/relocation counseling for tenants

· Qualifying tenants; pricing for landlords

· Showing and leasing of properties, or completing leases and rental transactions for showing Realtors

· Counseling with Investors

With our guaranteed customer protection, your investment is completely safe. Contact us today by calling 919-459-6300 or by contacting us online.

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Block & Associates Realty is the leading provider of upscale rentals in the Triangle and Sandhills regions, and we are the experts in teaching you how to invest in single-family homes as rental properties. We have 24 years of experience in leasing and managing residential real estate and a staff of 45 professionals.

For professional agent referral services, contact us today by calling 919-459-6300 or by contacting us online.

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