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Hope Mills is aptly named, for the settlers there were betting it all on the natural resources. Far back in 1766, enterprising pioneers were attracted to the area due to the abundance of timber and the seemingly endless potential for natural water power created by Hope Mills Lake, Rockfish Creek, and the Cape Fear River. Soon enough, a series of lumber mills and pottery businesses grew into a chartered town, and Hope Mills got into the business of cotton-milling soon after.

The Hope Mills Dam and the cotton mill were to lead the town reliably in prosperity until the Civil War, when the fighting led to the destruction of the mill and much of the town’s infrastructure. The town was rebuilt after the war ended, and the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley Railway’s fortuitous proximity assured Hope Mills saw booming commerce and well-trod roads right into the modern era.


Today, Hope Mills enjoys its reputation as a small, quiet town of around 15,000 residents at last count. The town motto is “A Proud Past, A Bright Future,” and between the full suite of services, amenities, and recreation available within town limits, it isn’t hard to see why. Hope Mills has its own police and fire departments and is just minutes away from a major hospital, so you can be sure of your safety in an emergency.

Located within the Cumberland County School District, residents enjoy educational opportunities at high-performing public institutions with strong military affiliations and a deep-rooted respect for veterans and their families. The historical downtown district, five shopping centers, and a series of public parks full of trails, bike paths, and tennis courts round out a truly idyllic town.

Top Attractions & Activities

  1. The Cypress Lakes Golf Course: Drop in for 18 or a quick 9, or practice your swing on the real grass range at one of the nicest golf courses in North Carolina. Tough but fair, it’s the perfect place to swing, stretch, breathe, and build your skills.
  2. Hope Mills Lake: Enjoy the great outdoors in a kayak or in your swimming gear, or just spread out on a picnic blanket at this picturesque and historic lake.
  3. The Hope Mills Historic District: Learn all about the Hope Mills story – the resilience, the industry, and the grit that made this beautiful town possible.
  4. Dirtbag Ales Brewery & Taproom: Rated one of the top things to do in Hope Mills, this brewery is owned and operated by a cadre of long-time friends committed to good brews.

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