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Lease My Home in Raleigh & Surrounding Areas

Block & Associates Realty offers leasing assistance to help you lease your home effortlessly.

With the leasing assistance program, we establish the fair market rental value of the property, market the home through our extensive network of real estate professionals and corporate contacts, show the property by appointment, obtain credit and criminal background reports along with rental references and employment verifications, negotiate the lease terms, draft the rental contract, and complete a Property Condition Report at the beginning and end of the lease.

Our commission is due upon collecting the first month’s rent. In the case of a 24-month or longer lease, our commission of one month’s rent will be collected upon the start date of the lease. The remaining half-month’s rent will be due and payable from the second month’s rent.

If you’re interested in having Block & Associates manage your leased property, visit our property management page.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing Assistance

Do property managers help with advertising my rental?

Good property managers know that you lose a day of revenue each day your property’s vacant. Efficient property marketing ensures shorter vacancy periods.

We streamline the rental process by using all of today’s available methods to draw attention to your property and reach qualified tenants, meaning you’ll spend less time worrying about your rental and have greater peace of mind.

How long will it take you to rent my property?

If your rental property is market-ready and priced right, it can rent within a month. Depending on location, current condition, price, lease terms, and the time of year, it could take about 60 days or more. How long your property is vacant can also be affected by the general vacancy rate in the surrounding area.

Is it better to ask for a high rent now and reduce it later if I have to?

It’s tempting to try to get the highest rent possible. But if you price your property higher than comparable rentals, you could miss out on finding qualified tenants.

Many people start their rental searches online, and many sites have a minimum and maximum option for what they’re willing to pay. If your rental’s price is inflated, it won’t be displayed to many searchers, and your property could remain vacant longer.

Keep in mind that interest in a newly available property also tends to be strongest in the first two weeks of listing and marketing it. If you want to avoid losing money on a property that’s sitting vacant, list your best price first.

How does your rental applicant screening process find good tenants?

Our tenant screening process includes:

  • Running a full background check, including criminal history
  • Checking credit reports
  • Verifying income and employment
  • Investigating prior residence history

Thorough screening protects your investment, maximizes your profit, and leads to better tenant relationships. Block & Associates Realty conducts all its screening processes in accordance with Raleigh and North Carolina laws and regulations.

Important Notices

  1. Effective Jan. 1, 2010, North Carolina General Statutes require that landlords provide and install an operable smoke detector on each level of the home. Landlords are now also required to provide and install a carbon monoxide detector on each level of the home if the home has a fossil-fuel burning heater (either HVAC or water) or appliance, a fireplace, or an attached garage.
  2. ATTENTION: There is an ordinance requiring owners of rental property in the town of Garner’s jurisdiction to register each rental property with the town annually.

For more information, contact:
Town of Garner
Inspection and Permits
(919) 773-4433

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