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Located just 12 miles from Fayetteville, Pope Field is chock full of history and patriotism going back to the closing days of World War I. Named after First Lieutenant Harley Halbert Pope, it is home to one of the oldest airbases in the United States. Residents of this storied community are always looking towards the sky and the future just over the horizon. Home to multiple air carriers and reconnaissance wings operated by the U.S. Army, Pope Field is an aviation lover’s paradise. Day in and day out, most residents in the area have strong connections to the military, and your neighbor’s flags will fly high, and not just on the Fourth of July.

A quiet outpost until the 1930s, the clouds of war brewing in Europe and Asia facilitated considerable investment in Pope Field. The base was expanded, runways were paved, and the region’s population blossomed from a sleepy 5,600 in 1940 to more than 67,000 in 1941. During this period, the area was used for artillery practice and infantry training and was home for both the 100th Infantry Division and the fabled 82nd Airborne Division. Without question, what these units learned here made it possible for them to achieve success in their operations in Sicily, Salerno, Normandy, and the Netherlands.

By the 1950s, it was time to change Pope Field’s mission to meet the needs of a changing world. Shifting from airborne and infantry training, the region became home to the 464th Tactical Carrier Wing, with nearly half of the personnel based overseas at any given time. Throughout the 1950s and towards the close of the Vietnam War, units stationed at Pope Field played critical roles in rescue and support missions in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. That mission continued to support Operation Desert Storm, Operation Just Cause, Operation Urgent Fury, and many other notable endeavors as well.

As the Cold War thawed, units were blended and gradually shifted to other military facilities worldwide. By 2011, Pope Air Force Base was considered redundant and was inactivated, at which time the area reverted to its more commonly known name, referred to as Pope Field.

Today, remnants of the patriotic past and the mark left by the thousands of soldiers who defended our nation remain visible throughout the area. You will see plenty of placards and monuments and, if you listen quietly, you’ll hear the sounds of the voices of the men and women hiking up Coolyconch Mountain and canoeing through Carvers Creek State Park.


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There are plenty of fabulous parks and public areas located around the region. Just 15 miles away is the ever-popular Arnette Park, with more than 100 acres of ball fields, picnic areas, and more. You can also enjoy the beauty of the Cape Fear Botanical Gardens, baseball and football at Christina Smith Park, fishing and swimming near Lake Rim, and more.

Military personnel are always invited to reach out to the team at the Pope Field MWR for more about area activities.




Population: 2,631
Median Income: $39,000 UP FROM $31,000 IN 2000
Average Age: 24 Years
Gender: 62% Male
38% Female
Households: 97% Families
Average Value: $100,633; UP FROM $62,500 IN 2000
Occupancy: 78% Owned
27% Rented
9% Vacant
Avg. Residency: 24 Years
Education: 97% High School
25.6% Bachelor
12.1% Graduate
Size: 12.0 mi²
Crime Rate: Very Low

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