Homes for Rent in Fort Bragg, NC

Homes for Rent in Fort Bragg, NC

Covering 251 square miles in North Carolina, Fort Bragg is a military installation of the U.S. Army. It is one of the largest military installations in the world, and it operates like a small city instead of just a base. It was named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg. Today, Fort Bragg is home to thousands of military members and their families, but it has a rich history that is worth exploring.

In 1918, General William J. Snow found a location in North Carolina that had good water, easy access to rail, year-round warm weather, and suitable terrain for military training. He developed Camp Bragg, naming the camp after General Bragg. Prior to this, the area was covered in sand and pine trees, without much development.

By World War I, less than 10 percent of the land that is now Fort Bragg was occupied and around 170 families called the camp home. At the end of the war, artillery personnel and their supplies from a camp in Alabama were transferred to Camp Bragg, and soon the work at the camp was taken away from civilians and given to military personnel.

In 1922, the area had grown enough that its name changed from Camp Bragg to Fort Bragg. At this time it also became a permanent Army location. The next year, several permanent structures were built. Soon a highway connected the center of the post with the rest of the community outside the military base.

After World War II, the 82nd Airborne Division took up a permanent assignment at Fort Bragg, earning it the nickname of Home of the Airborne. The Psychological Warfare Center, which became U.S. Army Special Operations Command, took up residence in the area in 1952. The installment continued to grow, and by the late 1980s, there were over 40,000 soldiers and 8,000 civilians who worked at Fort Bragg. Soon the communities around Fort Bragg, such as Fayetteville, began to develop real estate specifically for military service member families, adding to the local population.


Many of the activities around Fort Bragg focus on its military history. You can spend time exploring the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum or the 82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum if history is appealing. Activities and events on the base are common to help engage military families with the community. Check the Fort Bragg Calendar of Events to see what is upcoming. Whether you want to take an educational class, participate in a fashion show, or take part in a craft class, you will find Fort Bragg has something to offer.

Parks & Recreation

Fort Bragg has several community parks on the military base to provide its residents with a place to enjoy the beautiful weather and towering pines that make it such an appealing place to live. Take a picnic to the shores of Smith Lake at Smith Lake Recreation Area, the largest park on the base, or attend an event at Woodland Park or Wilson Park. If you love airplanes, Flightline Park, which is on the back of Pope Army Airfield, is a great place to hit a playground while watching the airplanes take off. The recreation opportunities in Fort Bragg are excellent.

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