Block & Associates Rental Team

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Bill Warren Broker/Realtor

Office Phone: 919-841-9019
Fax: 919-459-6301

Taylor Farley Broker/Realtor

Office Phone: 919-630-3074
Fax: 919-459-6301

Jeff Stoker Broker/Realtor

Jeff Stoker portrait
Mobile Phone: 919-608-2592
Office Phone: 919-459-6307
Fax: 919-459-6301

Emily McBrayer Broker/Realtor

Emily McBrayer portrait
Office Phone: 919-459-6303
Fax: 919-459-6301

Mike Trainer Broker/Realtor

Office Phone: 919-418-9536
Fax: 919-459-6301

Jeff Gillespie Broker/Realtor

Mobile Phone: 919-637-3748
Office Phone: 919-637-3748
Fax: 919-459-6301

Bridget Stell Broker/Realtor

Office Phone: 919-235-2551
Fax: 919-459-6301

Cornell Ray Broker/Realtor

Mobile Phone: 919-601-3388
Office Phone: 919-459-6329
Fax: 919-459-6301

Amy Lumbard Broker/Realtor

Office Phone: 919-459-6311
Fax: 919-459-6301

Gwen Murray Broker/Realtor

Gwen Murray portrait
Office Phone: 919-459-6302
Fax: 919-459-6301

Aaron Daniels Broker/Realtor

Aaron Daniels portrait
Office Phone: 919-459-6334
Fax: 919-459-6301

Cindy Cirillo Broker/Realtor

Office Phone: 919-459-6339
Fax: 919-459-6301

Travis Register Broker/Realtor

Office Phone: 919-459-6338
Fax: 919-459-6301

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