Rental Market Pricing Analysis in Raleigh, NC

Do you know what your rental properties are truly worth to prospective renters? Do you struggle with low occupancy, or barely make ends meet despite filling every square foot you own year-round? You may need Block & Associates Realty to perform a rental market pricing analysis and help you figure out how to make optimal profits from your existing rental properties.

What is rental market pricing analysis?

Rental market pricing analysis is the process by which our firm determines the best way to profit from your rental properties, balancing the question of attracting good tenants and taking a way a profit by looking at historical trends, comparable properties in the area, trends in the market likely to cause changes, and any unique selling points or amenities of your rental properties.

The team at Block & Associates Realty will conduct rental market pricing analysis on your behalf, taking measures such as:

Reviewing historical data

By collecting historical rental and real estate data for your property and similar ones in the area from multiple sources, we can put together an accurate, unbiased understanding of what people have traditionally paid to rent properties like yours in this neighborhood.

Research the target market

Historical evaluations are only one small component of determining a fair, effective rental price for your property. We must also look at your target market; the types of people who will be looking to rent a property of this kind in this area at this point in time. Often, by understanding the target market, we can foresee changes in acceptable rental prices, identify small changes that could render big differences in desirability of your property or tolerable rent prices, or simply how to best present to that market to get full value from your property.

Understand the neighborhood and comparable properties

A thorough rental market pricing analysis depends heavily on collecting data on similar properties in terms of amenities, size, and other features, then determining what unique factors of the neighborhood or your specific property might shift the final valuation for rent up or down.

Draw from multiple sources

Accurate rental market pricing analysis always depends on multiple sources for any data we intend to rely upon. Single points of data reflect the biases of the collector—not necessarily intentional human biases, but rather the inherent limitations of any particular method of collecting data. By drawing from multiple data sets, we can give the most accurate, full picture of the rental market situation and thus more accurately guide you to maximum profitability.

Evaluate the impact of key factors

No two properties or rental markets are truly identical, which makes the ability of our firm to assess the confounding impact of differences crucial to an accurate analysis. The appearance of the property across the street, parking considerations, the view in the evening, commercial or residential neighbors, all of these impact the bottom line even if your property is otherwise identical to another.

Our experienced team understands how these interact to determine the desirability of your property to good tenants, and will be able to offer a thorough, accurate analysis to keep your properties occupied by reliable tenants at an appropriate cost.

Want to learn more about our rental market pricing analysis process? Figure out what your rental properties are truly worth by reaching out to us online or by dialing 919-459-6300 today. 

Why do you need rental market pricing analysis?

The line between “too much” and “too little” rent when taking into account the true value of your property, your ability to attract good tenants, and your expenses as a landlord can be incredibly fine. Effective rental market pricing analysis doesn’t just help you find the sweet spot you can charge while maintaining occupancy, it can help you identify trouble areas that are driving down your properties’ value or identify strengths you can magnify to improve your bottom line.

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