Property Management Services in Raleigh, NC

When the stress of managing your Raleigh-area property is too much to bear, trust the property management experts at Block & Associates to provide the expert help you need. Our team works diligently to ensure all of your property’s needs are met, doing everything in our power to protect your investment and maximize your return on it. We are your turnkey property management solutions provider, from property maintenance and accounting to rent collection and contract compliance.

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Our Property Management Services in Raleigh

With more than 26 years of dedicated service to Raleigh property owners, we have the skills and experience necessary to help manage every aspect of your residential community. Our property management solutions include:

Rental Contract Compliance

We work carefully to review all rental contracts made between you and your tenants, ensuring all the rules outlined in the agreement are being followed, especially regarding residents’ obligation to keep your property in the best condition possible. If your property is part of a homeowners association, we can help ensure that your property is aligned with all the HOA’s regulations so you won’t have to worry about penalties.

As part of our commitment to ensure all tenants carry out their contractual obligations, we will perform the necessary property inspections at the end of their lease, holding them accountable for any damages incurred. We can also help manage the tenant’s security deposit (if applicable), handling all end-of-contract tasks in accordance with Raleigh, NC, real estate laws to ensure full compliance.

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Property Maintenance

Our team also has experience with helping Raleigh property owners keep their properties well-maintained. Designed to protect your investment and keep your tenants as happy and safe as possible, our property maintenance services include:

  • Managing online maintenance requests from tenants
  • Connecting property owners to affordable vendors and contractors
  • Arranging for service with skilled, certified maintenance professionals
  • Ensuring the maintenance job is performed to the highest standards

Take the stress out of property maintenance by trusting Block & Associates with your property management needs. Call (919) 459-6300 to request a property management quote for your Raleigh-area property!

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping can be one of the most stress-inducing parts of managing a rental property. Our real estate professionals have years of experience assisting with accounting services for rental properties in Raleigh, NC. We help keep your financing organized, maximizing tax deductions and even helping pay your bills. If late fees are added, we carefully track and charge those to ensure you recover all the debt you’re owed.

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Rent Collection

The only way to keep your property profitable and successful is by ensuring all rent is collected on time and in full every month. Our team can help restore confidence in your rent collection processes, making sure all rent is collected on time and that eviction proceedings occur as needed and are in compliance with Raleigh real estate laws. We can even report unpaid rental debts to the credit bureau on your behalf, eliminating virtually all stress involved in rental collection.

Keep your rent collection processes on track with help from the team at Block & Associates. Request a Raleigh property management quote by calling (919) 459-6300!

Why Choose Block & Associates Realty for Raleigh Property Management Services?

Since 1996, Block & Associates has proudly served Raleigh’s rental property management needs. We are proud to be the premier provider of upscale rental properties in Raleigh, partnering with a variety of rental property owners in the region to ensure their success. Restore confidence in your property and tenants by trusting our team to manage all of your property’s needs.

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