HOA Management Services in Durham, NC

Established in 1996, Block & Associates is a leading HOA management service provider in Durham, North Carolina. We’re committed to ensuring homeowner associations are fully equipped to maximize living experiences for communities.

We offer free evaluations, rental contract compliance, and open communication, guaranteeing a seamless partnership between property owners, tenants, and vendors. For third-party inspections, superb legal support, and more, Block & Associates is here to provide services built on excellence.

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Benefits of HOA Management

Our HOA management services are a valuable asset to communities, providing a variety of benefits, including:

  • Professional oversight of common areas
  • Maintenance of community amenities
  • Financial management and budgeting expertise
  • Enforcement of community rules and regulations
  • Assistance with dispute resolution
  • Increased property values through consistent upkeep
  • Access to vendor networks for cost-effective services
  • Administrative support for meetings and communications
  • Streamlined processes for community improvement projects
  • Peace of mind for homeowners with delegated responsibilities

Our HOA Management Services

Block & Associates guarantees quality services, and we aim to exceed your expectations, no matter the task. Our services include:

  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Maintenance of common areas
  • Vendor management
  • Rule enforcement and compliance
  • Communication services
  • Meeting coordination
  • Reserve fund management
  • Architectural control and compliance
  • Emergency response coordination
  • Community event planning and coordination

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Why Choose Us?

At Block & Associates, we have worked with HOAs for over 25 years. Our services achieve rental contract compliance with North Carolina real estate law and rules, and we always ensure tenants remain compliant. Our vendors are vetted and insured, and we offer price discounts and no mark-up on invoices.

We aid in handling the eviction process, using top-tier law firms for a flawless process. We also connect utilities on vacant properties in Block & Associates’ name on behalf of the owner to make everything as streamlined as possible. Work with us for all of the above and more.

Contact our team at (919) 459-6300 for strategic and efficient HOA management services


What happens if codes are violated?

Block & Associates will promptly address code violations, keeping communication open between all parties to determine a resolution.

How does Block & Associates remain in contact with tenants?

We provide newsletters, notices, and regular meetings to keep tenants up to date.

What does a rental evaluation entail?

A rental specialist will evaluate your property for free and guide you on issues that need to be addressed, provide an estimated rent, and discuss your property’s rentability.

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