Property Management Services in Fayetteville, NC

Property Management Services in Fayetteville, NC

With aspects of both city and country living, eclectic cuisine, and the natural beauty of the Cape Fear River, Fayetteville, NC is a wonderful location to invest in rental property. However, managing all the day-to-day needs of a rental property can become overwhelming. Count on Block & Associates to manage your property in Fayetteville with expertise and thoroughness to ensure that all needs are met – yours, your property’s, and your tenants’! With over two decades of experience in property management, we go above and beyond to take the burden off property owners and represent their best interests.

As the largest residential property management firm in the Triangle, our team of 40 professionals will cater to every aspect of your property’s needs, from marketing your rental to arranging maintenance for your tenants, to collecting rent, and even filing evictions. We do it all in full compliance with all landlord-tenant and fair housing laws, so you never have to worry!

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Expert Property Management Services for Your Fayetteville, NC Investment

Your rental property will provide the highest return on investment only if every detail is taken care of. At Block & Associates, we help your property reach its full potential in every aspect. Our comprehensive property management services include:

  • Rental contract correspondence, discussion, and compliance – We handle correspondence and discussions between you and your tenant on your behalf to save you time. This includes everything, from enforcing HOA regulations with your tenant to completing a move-out inspection and dispersing security deposits.
  • Maintenance requests and arrangements – We handle your tenants’ maintenance requests, using a network of preferred vendors at competitive rates. We also troubleshoot your tenants’ maintenance issues on the phone to see if they can be resolved without calling for maintenance service.
  • Property bill pay and accounting – We invoice your tenants and provide you with monthly statements to help you organize your financial records. We are also able to pay some bills on your behalf.
  • Rent receipt and net rent disbursement – We receive your tenants’ rent payments and distribute it to you monthly. We also file eviction proceedings with a local real estate attorney and report to credit bureaus to collect any unpaid debts you are owed.
  • Vacant property management – We maintain and protect your property by performing monthly inspections while it is vacant. We also manage utility connections and maintenance arrangements such as lawn care, HOA requests, etc.
  • Inspection services – We act as your eyes on your rental properties. We offer move-out inspections, interim inspections between leases, and monthly inspections to check on vacant properties.
  • Lease renewals for tenants – We manage the renewal of your tenants’ leases, including an interim inspection, without you having to spend any time on the process.
  • Compliance with all landlord-tenant and fair housing laws – We have been in the property management business for 27 years and are well versed in all local and federal landlord-tenant and fair housing laws.

If you’re considering investing in property management services in Fayetteville, NC to make your life easier and boost your rental earnings, our expert team can guide you through the process.

If you’d like comprehensive property management services for your Fayetteville, NC rental, look no further than the highly experienced team at Block & Associates. Give us a call at (919) 459-6300 or contact us online to discuss your property’s unique needs.

Choose Block & Associates Realty as Your Fayetteville, NC Property Management Team

The team at Block & Associates has over two decades of experience providing premier rental property management services in Fayetteville, NC. Our attention to detail will ensure that your property is well maintained, your tenants are happy, and you receive rent on time. We handle any conflicts, late payments, or defaulted payments on your behalf, always working towards the best resolution for you. This allows you to receive a competitive return on your property investment with minimal hassle on your part. Give up the stress of managing your own rental property and let our expert team handle every detail!

Contact us online to learn more about our comprehensive property management services in Fayetteville, NC or call us at (919) 459-6300 today!

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