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Our team of dedicated full-time property management experts will act as your local agents to ensure that your rental property operates as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our main goal is to protect your investment and maximize your returns on your rental property.

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Our Top-Tier, Premium Property Management Services

Lease Compliance

Your property’s manager will coordinate all communication between you and your tenant, so you don’t have to. Our standard lease agreement requires tenants to adhere to all rules and regulations set by your homeowners association. Our team works directly with your HOA to confirm your property follows neighborhood standards to avoid the possibility of fines. A third-party independent inspector conducts move-in and move-out, and our office will assess issues and fines, where appropriate. We then disperse security deposits with damage itemization lists in accordance with North Carolina legal requirements.


We offer several options for tenants to submit maintenance requests, including phone, email, our online service request form, or a 24/7 after-hours emergency service. All requests are handled promptly by a vetted and insured preferred vendor, at discounted rates. Block & Associates does not receive a percentage of any vendor charges. Additionally, our team will troubleshoot maintenance issues with your tenants, before calling for service, to help avoid the need for maintenance service.


Our office provides monthly statements, paid invoices, and year-end statements to help your tax preparer maximize your deductions. We are also able to handle the payment of some bills for you, at no extra charge, including warranty renewals and repair invoices. Tenants are invoiced monthly for past-due rent, late fees, or any other outstanding charges.


Your net rent will be distributed to you via monthly deposits or mailings, depending on your preference. We will also minimize special tenant requests regarding payments or payment dates. All eviction proceedings are filed monthly at a secured, negotiated rate with a local real estate attorney that specializes in the representation of landlords. Our team also reports any unpaid debts to credit bureaus to help collect all monies owed to you by your tenant.

Our Rates

Our rates are based on a competitive percentage of the monthly rent to provide full-service management of your investment property. If your property is vacant at the end of a lease, we will continue management for a flat fee. Vacant property management services include utility connections made in our name, management of property maintenance like lawn care, HOA requests, etc. We will also perform a monthly inspection of your vacant property, for additional oversight. Annual lease renewals on managed properties are billed at a flat charge, which includes an interim inspection.

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Why Choose Block & Associates Realty for Your Property Management Needs?

Since 1996, Block & Associates Realty has been a top-tier general brokerage residential real estate firm that focuses on residential rentals and property management in the Triangle Region of North Carolina. Our property management specialists have the knowledge and experience it takes to succeed in our local market. We take the stress out of managing your rental properties by handling and anticipating every detail of the process, maximizing both your free time and the returns on your real estate investment.

You should have reliable property managers to supervise your Garner, North Carolina rental property – contact us at (919) 459-6300 to learn more about our property management services today.

Community Info

Garner got its start with the coming of the railroad through the area beginning in 1847. In that year, after a tie-breaker vote by the Speaker of the State garner1House of Representatives, what is now Garner was chosen as the location of a station of the North Carolina Railroad between Goldsboro and Charlotte. “Garner’s Station” was established with the construction of a post office in 1878 and the Town of Garner’s Station incorporated in 1883.

There are several legends as to how Garner got its name. One story has it that Thomas Bingham named the town. Bingham is said to have combined a general store with handling the mail. Since Webster’s defines “garner” as a “granary,” hence figuratively, a “store,” he named the town “Garner.”

The late Parker Rand believed that Garner was named for a family that lived in the area and later moved to Texas. Others believe the town was named by Henry Fort, a black cabinetmaker and carpenter who owned some land along the railroad after the Civil War. William S. Powell stated that Garner was named for its founder, H.C. Garner. An article in The State also named H.C. Garner as its founder, but not much information has been found about the man.

Farming was the chief source of income for the early settlers of Garner and nearby areas, with cotton the principal crop. Before the turn of the century, some small businesses were beginning to be developed. The first business in Garner is said to have been a wood shop owned by Henry Fort. Fort was said to have been a fine cabinetmaker and carpenter, making wardrobes, bureaus, and other pieces of wood furniture still being used by some Garner residents today. One of the first grocery stores in town was owned by Thomas Bennett. Other early businesses included a mercantile business owned by H.D. Rand, a drug store operated by George Montague, and several general stores operated by people such as C.H. Dupree, Jr., R. Garner, J.B. Hobby, and J.R. Williams. In addition to general stores and cotton gins in the area, other businesses such as blacksmith, repair shops, barber shops, livery stables, and boarding houses existed. The first bank was established in Garner in 1910. H.D. Rand was president and J.A. Weathers was the cashier. In 1912, telephone service came to Garner. In a short while, there were as many as 10 subscribers. The first switchboard was operated in the home of Vera Jones. The telephone service closed after two years and then returned in 1924. The business and residential life of Garner continued to grow steadily throughout the years, with more rapid growth in recent times.

With the increased population and residential growth, Garner has burgeoned in business and service establishments, both within the corporation limits and the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the town. Town officials predict the town will continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Attractions and Activities

garner2Garner Performing Arts Center
742 W. Garner Road
Garner, NC 27529
The Towne Players Theater Group

garner3Polar Ice House of Garner
103 New Rand Rd
Garner, NC 27529
(919) 861-7465

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Town Government and Chamber of Commerce Guide

Town of Garner Government
Chamber of Commerce
Police Department
Fire Department



Contact information for the utilities for your new home.

Wake County Schools

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year was 161,900 students. With a total of 191 schools, Wake County is the largest school system in the state and the 14th largest in the nation. The student population has almost tripled since 1980. For more information, visit Wake County Public Schools.

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