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wendell1 The Town of Wendell started in the 1850s when tobacco farmers in Granville County were hit with what came to be known as the Granville County Wilt. The tobacco crop failed and farmers from Granville County moved into eastern Wake County looking for fertile land to plant their crops.

Ambrose Rhodes donated land for a school to be built. The school would be called the Rhodes School. It was located at the same site as Wendell’s present magnet school on Wendell Boulevard. The school continued to grow and in 1891, the name of the school was changed to Wendell Academy.

As this area grew, a small village was forming. The people in this area needed a name for their little town. They asked their schoolteacher, M.A. Griffin, to come up with a name for this area. Mr. Griffin loved the poet Oliver Wendell Holmes. He suggested that they call their town Wendell after the poet. However, the pronunciation of the town is different from the way one normally pronounces Oliver Wendell Holmes. After the train came to town, the porters on the train would call out “WENDELL.” They pronounced each syllable with emphasis. The townspeople picked up on this pronunciation, and it continues to this day.

This area obtained a post office in 1891 and this first post office has been restored by the Wendell Historical Society, and it presently sits at the corner of Oakwood and 4th Streets.

The oldest institution in this part of the county was Hephzibah Baptist Church, founded in 1809. The first newspaper for this area did not appear until 1911. The paper was the Wendell Clarion, and was succeeded by the Gold Leaf Farmer.

Wendell was incorporated in 1903. After the town was incorporated, more people and businesses moved into Wendell. Main Street was laid out by a man who drove a horse with a very wide plow up and down the area. That is why the street is so wide today. In 1911 the county built a new brick school in Wendell. The first graduating class was in 1915.

Attractions and Activities

The Wendell Community Center is an 18,000 square foot facility located in Wendell Park at 601 W. Third Street. Opened in August of 2000, the community center has several different sized rooms and a 40 foot stage which make it the perfect place to host birthday parties, church events, family reunions, business meetings, quinceaneras, and weddings.

For list of things to do in Wendell, please visit the Discover Wendell Events Calendar.
There are a variety of events being sponsored by the Wendell Historic Society including The Wendell Farmer’s Market, Independence Day Celebration, and the Christmas Candlelight Tour.

Parks and Recreation

Its offices are located in Wendell Park at 601 W. Third Street, Wendell N.C. 27591. The Wendell Parks and Recreation department looks forward to providing you and your family with the most professional and enjoyable recreational experience possible. At Wendell Parks and Recreation you can find traditional sports programs, cultural and fine arts, community events and passive recreational opportunities for participants of all ages.

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Town Government and Chamber of Commerce Guide

Town of Wendell Government
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Wake County Schools

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year was 161,900 students. With a total of 191 schools, Wake County is the largest school system in the state and the 14th largest in the nation. The student population has almost tripled since 1980. For more information, visit Wake County Public Schools.

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